Family Bakery Leibomo Limbbu

Leibomo Limbbu equals Kristiina (Tiina) and Steven (Steve) Bern, the couple who owns it. Tiina and Steve met when she was living in Miami in 1993. She was looking for some nice Christmas breads when she came upon some Chocolate cherry and Raisin Pecan sourdoughs at a local gourmet food shop that Steve was selling to. Tiina enjoyed the bread so much she travelled to Steve’s bakery across town and well…the rest is history!

Later on the couple moved to Finland, and  together they opened Leibomo Limbbu in Lahti, Tiina’s home region, in 2009. The bakery name is a combination of their name and Tiina’s nickname from grade school.

Bread is serious business at Limbbu. Baking bread is one of the most basic and primary food sources in the world. The Baker accepts the responsibility of providing a life sustaining food product from an otherwise inedible grain. Steve has mastered the techniques, used for generations, to make the most nutritious, and mouth watering breads from scratch every day.

For Tiina baking has always been a family business, she has been working in a bakery since the time she learned to walk. She is also a seamstress by trade. Steve is a University graduate in Economics with additional studies in Engineering and Nutrition. He followed his entrepreneurial spirit to find his passion in baking starting in 1980.