With Traditional Techniques of Sourdough

Why Sourdough?

The reason is two-fold. First, as humans, our digestion is not designed to eat grains in their natural form. By introducing natural sourdough culture and water to the grain, the natural fermentation process starts, making the final product easily digestible.

Secondly, when the sour culture is in symbiotic balance, the flavor imparted to the bread awakens your fondest childhood memories of Grandma’s baking. The aroma and the taste of true sourdough bread leave one at a “loss for words” to describe it completely.

Consumers – Proper care and storage

When you bring your Limbbu bread home we want you to enjoy it right to the last bite. With proper care and storage Limbbu bread has a remarkably long shelf life.

For daily use: we recommend as you slice from the loaf, face the cut side of the loaf down on your cutting board. This will slow the evaporation process and keep the bread nice and fresh.

For longer storage: Either pre-slice the entire bread, or place the whole loaf in a freezer bag in the freezer and remove to eat as desired. For best results, thaw the bread to room temperature and toast the slices or heat the whole loaf in a preheated 240C oven for approximately 8 minutes. Your bread will feel and taste like the day you bought it.

Trade Partners – Selecting the right products

Steve’s extensive experience will help you select the right products for your store, your restaurant, or a catering event. Just send a request and he will be happy to assist.

We currently service the Lahti-Helsinki area 6 days a week and Holidays.